Selftest: heartache

1 = strongly agree, 3 = strongly disagree

  1. 1. Emotional signals: 1 2 3
    • I’m constantly thinking about him/her. My thoughts are always with him/her.
    • There are problems in my relationship, but at the moment I can only think of the good things.
    • I couldn’t imagine never seeing him/her again. I don’t like the thought of that.
    • I’m constantly thinking of ways we could get back together.
    • Only by wishing that it’s not really true, makes me feel better.
    • The separation is a shock. I can’t imagine ever recovering from it.
    • I just can’t go to work/school today. I don’t want to see anybody.
    • Sometimes I feel really wound up – then really depressed. I’m not myself.
  2. 2. Unconscious signals: 1 2 3
    • When I heard about the separation, I felt a stab in my heart.
    • I’m sweating, but I don’t feel cold. I keep getting chills.
    • I feel ill. Like I’ve got flu. Perhaps I have a fever.
    • My whole body hurts. I ache all over.
    • My muscles (especially my shoulders) feel tense – it’s as if something is weighing me down.
    • I wake up in the night, think about things, and then can’t get back to sleep.
  3. 3. The thought of not seeing him/her again ... 1 2 3
    • ... gives me a tight feeling in my heart/chest.
    • ... makes my heart beat faster and I can feel my heartbeat
    • … makes me feel sick to my stomach.
    • … gives me a feeling of anxiety and panic.
    • … blocks my thoughts. I feel dizzy and unable to think.
    • … makes me want to call him/her, write, or visit. Just like old times.
    • … makes me feel so lost and down.
  4. 4. To make myself feel better I will.... 1 2 3
    • ... find someone new immediately.
    • … use my newfound independence for one-night stands.
    • … take refuge in sports or work.
    • … drown my sorrows in drink.
    • … give myself plenty of ‘me’ time and rest.
    • … get back at him/her, so he/she understands how much I am suffering.