How does AMOREX work?
AMOREX works on the basis of nutritional medicine, which assumes that a generally healthy body can help itself in many situations with the targeted supplement of nutrients. AMOREX therefore provides the body with increased and concentrated substances, which it especially needs in periods of romantic stress in order to recover well-being, good sleep, energy, positivity, strong nerves, and psychological and mental balance, and to prevent the vicious circle of negative thoughts and worries.

What effects does AMOREX have?
The physiological effect of AMOREX is the targeted supply of certain nutrients, which are needed especially in times of relationship crises, separation, farewells. AMOREX helps to: regulate hormonal activity, the normal synthesis of steroid hormones and some neurotransmitters, the normal function of the nervous system, provide more energy, reduce tiredness and exhaustion, for normal heart function, for beautiful skin and strong hair, for a normal functioning immune system, for normal mental performance and cognitive function, for normal psychological function.

One AMOREX tablet swallowed whole with water before eating in the morning and 1 before bedtime on an empty stomach. The recommended dose is 2 tablets per day. One package contains sufficient tablets for 10 days. With improvement (usually after the first few days), the tablets should still be taken until the package is finished in order to stabilize the situation. As required, AMOREX can be taken for a longer period of time without risk. The duration of intake depends on the nature and extent of the romantic stress. AMOREX is meant to be taken by persons of a normal physical condition. The product is not meant to be taken simultaneously with psychotropic drugs, or to be taken by patients with hepatic or renal insufficiency, cardiovascular disease, and by women during pregnancy and lactation. AMOREX should only be taken by children under 14 years after consultation with a doctor.

AMOREX from natural, proven ingredients
AMOREX is based on the Griffonia plant extract 5-HTP and the amino acid SAMe. B group vitamins, high doses of vitamin D3 and biotin complete the formulation. AMOREX has no side effects except sometimes very slight nausea when beginning to take the tablets. This effect is caused by the increased metabolism of serotonin in the digestive tract. AMOREX contains only proven ingredients. AMOREX’s function has been confirmed by independent scientific studies. AMOREX has been involved in no animal testing and is suitable for vegans. It is not addictive! AMOREX is the proven original.

Why AMOREX contains no traditional medicinal plants
AMOREX deliberately contains no traditional medicinal plants because:
St. John’s wort: risk of interaction or active reduction of some classes of drugs such as birth control pills, cardiac glycosides, etc.
Hops, lemon balm, valerian, passiflora, etc. impair alertness. For people who lead busy lives, they are not always advantageous because of daytime sleepiness, restriction of the ability to drive and responsiveness.

Medical advice and consultation with a psychologist
Complaints which are rooted in the sorrows of love are often presented by physical or psychological symptoms. Unfortunately, we live in times where people apparently feel ashamed to suffer because of love. Therefore, they dare not seek medical or psychological advice for their problems. We would encourage those who are affected to seek advice and assistance from professionals.

How love can become romantic stress
The feeling of love has a biochemical and neurological basis. Love or bonding is formed by the functional interrelationship of neuromodulators, such as dopamine, serotonin, steroid hormones and an increase of neurotrophins. These trigger the irresistible longing of wanting to be close to and in harmony with the beloved person, in turn this closeness gives a rewarding feeling of well-being. If the person is no longer available, during disagreement or conflict, emotional tension or suffering occurs which is neuronally comparable to withdrawal: fixation on the loved one; obsessive concentration; anxiety at the thought of loss; an absolute need to ‘have’ the loved one. As a result of this ‘withdrawal’ many physical and psychological symptoms occur, which can also have a social impact. Heartache or love’s sorrows are really painful because the same regions of the brain are activated as in physical pain.

Which emotional strains belong to the sphere of romantic stress?

Which symptoms or phenomena have been investigated medically in terms of romantic stress:
Somatical: headache/migraine; muscle tension; disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the appetite; physical exhaustion / fatigue; tight pressure in the heart region; redness of the skin; reduced immune defenses.
Psychopathological/vegetative: irritability; nervousness; restlessness; tension/anxiety; depression; loss of self-control (when eating; doing sports; performing tasks); destructive thoughts; lack of concentration; lack of stamina; lethargy; lack of energy; tendency to substance abuse; problems sleeping; lack of regeneration; sensory disturbances; cramp-like symptoms; sweats or chills; compulsive disputes with ex-partner.
Social: total withdrawal or excessive behavior; inability to maintain a regular daily routine; increased willingness to perform desperate acts.